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Stepping Stone started in 2007 with the aim to provide quality English courses to children in Yuen Long. Young children are very receptive to new languages and we therefore teach through play. Children do not even notice that they are actually learning. However, at school they will sure notice that they are ahead of their peers. We always stay true to our motto: learn through play.

Stepping Stone conducts all classes with native English teachers and native Chinese teachers. We believe that this is important to stimulate a good understanding and pronounciation. This can especially help children to read and write through phonics and pinyin. We do not intend to teach children to learn English by hard, but we rather want them to understand and appreciate English .

Stepping Stone opened up her second branch in Yuen Long in 2012. With more ample space this allowed us to change our style. We now offer our classes in unique small groups, to give each child equal attention. This brings the child with the benefit of near one-to-one classes, but still having peers to stimulate them.

Come and join us now!

We provide the stepping stone for your children to grow and prepare your children's big leap to success!

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